Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things that are possibly only interesting to me.

Hey all, this is a momentus occasion. After a few years of inactivity inside a proverbial box...i now have a way out. Just a little heads up to quite possibly the only six people on this rock who ever even heard of me. Soon..very soon now. See ya

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What do I hafta do to get some visitors up in here?

Alright you guys.. I know I haven't posted any earth shattering cartoons lately, nor have I written any insightful posts that would lend themselves to comment from my visitors ( 'cuz I haven't had any.) but for cryin' out loud. people !! SOMEONE out there has to at least stumble onto this blog, if only by accident and if by just some strange curiosity....look around or read this crap.
I realize that I am in no way 'The Professional Cartoonist ", but damn people.....pop in here once in a while and give this old guy a reason for being. Otherwise, I sit here making up stuff to ramble on about with no hope in sight for response and soon, the drooling starts. Umm, just kidding about the drooling thing, but.....Awww well...there's that rambling thing again.

Look ! I ask for no money, I do not try to sell anyone anything ( even the stuff that's not mine ), there's no 1-800 number posted to ask for donations of any kind,and as far as I know..I haven't offended anybody that I know of and if so. I apologize..but c'mon...someone's GOT to be even inanley curious about what it's like to be OUTSIDE THE BOX. T.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why do we do it?

Hey's a question I've been asked millions of times. Why do I do it? Cartooning , for me is a release. Plain and simple. I think that when I first began to draw toons, it wasn't so much a plan to be rich or famous as it was a way to escape life for a while. When I toon, it offers a way to create or dictate a world with a cast of characters I want doing what I want them to do. A way to let go of the restrictions real life puts on me. When I toon, I owe nobody anything. I'm not paying taxes or bills. I'm not buying things I do not need, mediating in any arguments,or worrying too terribly much about whose feelings I've bruised. In's MY world and I do as I damn well please. That's cartooning for me. Anything that comes from that as a result is cake. Se ya'll later

Monday, June 14, 2010

Why 'Outside The Box ' ?

Hello All.
My name is Tim Winstead and I am an aspiring cartoonist who, as you will soon see...likes to do things a little outside the box.By that, I mean that my style,artwork and just about anything I do is on par with the un orthodox.

When I first set up this blog, the term outside the box was loosly associated with
those individuals who in one way or another seem a bit left of center.
I thought about the term long and hard and try as I might, I could not justify
anything negative with being as they say.....'Outside the Box'.

Below is MY explanation of what being outside the box means to me.

'Outside the Box'

What does it mean to be outside the box?
Does it mean we don't measure up?
Or does it mean we don't take instruction well?
Perhaps being outside the box is a POSITIVE thing.
Maybe it just means we have different ways of being us.
Once regarded as strange or difficult to deal with,
those of us who ARE outside the box are just built
a little differently,that's all.
We're wired for thinking that goes against convention.

There is no right or wrong to our approach.
We just look at things on a slightly different slant.
This doesn't make us better problem solvers or better
at thinking things through.
It just means when a challenge presents itself and the
logical or lateral way of thinking is exhausted..going
' Outside the Box ' offers another perspective on an

We are not BETTER....We just work fron an angle not readily
aparent to those confined by tradition.

We ARE outside the box.......and damn proud of it.